Managing your Online Identity

FACT: more than 75% of executive recruiters will Google a candidate before considering them ‚ if they don’t see what they like, they often move on. If you Google yourself, what comes up?

  • Is it you or someone else with your name?
  • If it is you, is it the way that you want to present to a potential employer?
  • Do you see old references or references that are irrelevant to your current career aspirations?
  • Does nothing at all come up?

In today’s executive job market, having a sound online identity is fundamentally important to managing your reputation, your brand as a professional or leader in your field, and ultimately your career success.

Ross Macpherson is a Certified Online Identity Strategist and he understands how to maximize your online identity, how to manage any unwanted online content (we call that digital dirt), and present you and your brand online in a way that best reflects you and your value with power and brand consistency.